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Pink Little Cake


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Baking has always been a passion of mine since I was a little girl,I love sugar, Nutella and good buttercream. Over the past few years I have cracked countless eggs most of them at night because that’s when I bake or make decorations for my cakes.
I have this little blog to share with you what I make and what I have learned in pastry or cake decorating classes. I am that popular,you may not find fancy videos, perfect pictures and daily post. But I am sure you can find something to inspire you, a cute cake or cookie to bake for your kids, friends or family. [Read more]

Cherry On A Cake

I love baking, cooking and cake decorating. And I love it more if the food looks good. That’s the reason for this blog. I have been slowing down lately but the recipes are still there for you to try and I will update when time permits. Meanwhile enjoy.
Thank you to all of you who have left kind comments and to those who have dropped by silently. I hope you’ll come back for more. A food blog is not a food blog without readers ~ like a party without people. [Read more]

Cake Blogs

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Cake decorating is my creative outlet and I love it! It all started with making fun cakes for my kids’ birthdays. I made pandas, elephants, frogs, snakes and puppies. Then, I finally decided to take a Wilton cake decorating class and expand my horizons. I discovered a lot of basic techniques that I didn’t know I didn’t know!

I also love experimenting with cake recipes and putting my own spin on old favorites. To me, the way a cake tastes is just as important as the way it looks! But I sure do love pretty cakes. [Read more]

Cup Cakes Take The Cake

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They are friends who all love cupcakes. They live in New York City. Rachel Kramer Bussel is an author and editor, Nichelle Stephens is a blogger and social media manager, and Stacie Joy is a photographer and editor. Cupcakes Take The Cake was started in December of 2004. They  were inspired by the opening of New York City bakery Sugar Sweet Sunshine and the release of Clare Crespo’s book. [Read more]

Ezra Pound Cake – The kitchen confessional of Rebecca Crump.

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This is Rebecca’s blog. She liked to wake up early on the weekends to watch Food TV. She liked to read cookbooks. She loved to try new recipes and learn different techniques. When she saw Martha Stewart making those robin’s egg cupcakes on Oprah, she sketched cupcake designs for hours. Obviously, cooking was her passion. She just didn’t know how to make a career change happen.
And then one day, she drove by a sign that said “New Bakery – Help Wanted.”  [Read more]

52 Cupcakes and Layla

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Who can resist a cupcake? Not me! This is embarrassing to admit, but this blog makes me drool. This blog features yummy cupcake recipes.These aren’t your typical school bake sale cupcakes.

52 Cupcakes started out as a blog to bake cupcakes every week for a year, but we’re so grateful she’s stayed on cooking up Superman cupcakes, candy cane cupcakes, as well as tennis, cookie dough, chocolate mayo, lollipop, and so many more cupcakes. Guaranteed baking inspiration. [Read more]

‘Vintage Cakes’: The right tastes for our time

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What it is:

These are the cakes your grandmother used to make — or would have if she had really known her way around the kitchen: mouth-watering, masterful and emphatically unfussy. Having acquired a treasure trove of recipes dating to the 1920s, Julie Richardson, who owns a small-batch bakery in Portland, Ore., went on to examine old cookbooks and poll family and friends about childhood favorites.

She tested the most promising recipes and revised them for the modern palate (less sugar, more flavor). The results include old favorites (carrot cake with cream cheese frosting) as well as twists on the classics (angel cake with chocolate and orange freckles) and temptations for the more adventurous baker: Peppermint Patty flourless chocolate cake.

Praise and quibbles:

Like her cakes, Richardson’s book is simple and beautiful. I loved the insistence on quality ingredients, as well as the wide range of recipes (Ozark pudding cake, anyone?) and the winning back stories (Bess Truman, wife of President Harry Truman, put Ozark pudding on the menu for a dinner with Winston Churchill).

The Texas sheet cake recipe I tried produced a moist, flavorful chocolate cake with rich, gooey frosting that was a big hit at a recent block party. My only quibble was that the directions were a little vague about when to start the frosting. I’d now suggest starting it 10 minutes before the cake comes out of the oven; I gave mine too much time to cool, and it didn’t achieve the smooth, glossy finish in the photo.

Why you’ll like it:

In an era when too many too-perfect confections look and taste like plastic, Richardson is keeping it real.


Shauna Sever

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Shauna Sever is The Next Door Baker. With her easy, fun and accessible approach to baking and entertaining, she inspires both the pastry proficient and baking-phobic alike to tie their apron strings and head into the kitchen. Whether it’s an easy savory tart for a weeknight supper, a birthday cake for the office or a decadent dessert to impress friends at a dinner party, Shauna gives you the know-how to bake up simple, flavorful recipes that are good for the soul and get people talking. [Read more]

The Secret to Making Your Cakes Shine


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Want to know the secret behind the sheen of Planet Cake’s creation? Paris Cutler reveals all.


Planet Cake’s #1 secret is how we achieve the shine on our cakes, I get asked this question regularly and it is the #1 question asked in our forum.

There are a few home methods for getting a shine on your cake.

The first is to use jam mixed with a little bit of hot water. Mix it so it is a jelly like consistency and apply it to your cake with a pastry brush. Make sure the jam is a very cheap jam with jelly only and no pips or bits. Cheap apricot jam usually works well. Apply the jam as close to your event as possible. The other method is to use olive oil cooking spray. Apply the spray to a paint brush and coat the icing you want to be shiny the day of your event as it only lasts 24 hours.

The professional product that creates the Planet Cake famous shine is Cold Flan Glaze – ready to use setting clear gel for decoration of tortes and glazing of fruits. The brand we use is Cristaline and we get it from a supplier in big tubs. Unfortunately we have not seen it for sale in smaller quantities. We usually just brush it on with a pastry brush.


The Cake Blog

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Half Baked is The Cake Blog for sweet inspiration.  Featuring cakes, cupcakes, recipes and DIYs from all of your favorite bakers.  With over a half-million hits a month, Half Baked is quickly becoming the place to see and be seen in the world of sweets.  They feature everything from cupcakes to cookies, dessert tables and of course, cake!  Because it’s not a party without a cake! [Read more]