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Did You Know…

That in the United States, some one is killed every 23 minutes in an accident involving a drunk driver?

That in the United States, drunk drivers kill more individuals each year than die from all crimes involving murder, rape, robbery and assault?

That accidents in the developed world are the fourth most important cause of death, exceeded only by heart disease, cancer and stroke?

That accidents in the developed world are the leading cause of death among all persons age 1 to about 40?

That far more accidents occur in home than in place of employment?


Driving under the influence of marijuana can cause the driver to think that he’s only doing 40 miles an hour when in fact he is doing 80 or 90.

Marijuana intoxication may cause important time reaction delays; inability to brake quickly; impairment of night driving abilities; a marked increase in the time needed to recover from glare; difficulty in backing, turning around, passing, getting on or off roads.

Impairments caused by pot plus alcohol are more than additive. One drug serves to fire up the other. Thus one plus one equals three or four on the impairment scale